Well, Hey There!

Thank you for stopping by!  My name is J’nay. I’m a twenty-something work at home wife and mother to a toddler. I love arts and crafts,  food, wine, and saving money with DIY projects and other shit mommy bloggers say. Oh, I also curse a lot. You can find out more about me here in this bio i wrote in third person about myself.

I named this blog “I Mom My Ass Off” because it’s the perfect way to describe my life. I grind hard as hell to give my daughter a loving home as well as the best life and education l can. As a woman, I do my best to set a great example for my little girl to follow (feminist here!) . Every decision I make is centered upon her.  That’s what it means to mom your ass off ; not only to just be a mother or even a good mother, but to be  the best mother that you can.

With this blog, I will document my journey as I attempt just that. In the process, I’ll also be sharing crafts, recipes, projects, and maybe even shouting out other women who mom there asses off.  I’ll be posting soon!

In the meantime, follow me on twitter @iMomMAO .


Don't be my toddler. Talk to me. Coherently.

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