For My Daughter’s Nana

nanaA nana is a little bit parent, little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend

Though there are so many reasons why my mom is an amazing nana to my daughter, the first and most important would have to be that she has been an amazing mother, period. Without her I would not know how to be the mom that I am today.

I learned how to “mom my ass off” before ever even conceiving a child, because I had a mother whose actions defined the phrase. She was a single mom who never missed a beat, even when she head to work 2 jobs to provide.  Every game, every car wash, every absolutely horrible choiperformance, she was there cheering. Loudly.

It wasn’t until I became a mother myself that I was able to truly appreciate the way that she loves me. I looked down at my daughter, a spitting image of myself, and for the first time I felt what my mother feels when she looks at me. I understood that the degree to which she loves me could not be measured; and that if it could,  it would break the scale.

My daughter is so blessed, not because she’s got a mother like me, but because I grew up with a mother like mine – a mother whose love increased exponentially after becoming a grandmother. Thank you mom, for showing me how to love my daughter unconditionally. Essie could not ask for a better nana, nor I a better mother.

Happy Birthday ❤ .


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