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How to: Get Pee out of Furniture, Carpet, Bed, Sofa, Etc.

When I was pregnant, I was told a lot of things. I was told to get sleep. I was told to cherish my ability to pee in peace. I was told that I would rarely get my bed to myself.

I was not told that kids don’t just pee the bed.

They pee everywhere. everywhere.  E V E R Y W H E R E !!!

The couch cushion. Their bed. My bed. The dining room chair. The floor, the floor, the floor. AND ALL OVER MOM.

There came a point where I was using wax melts everyday, all day, hoping guests wouldn’t notice that my house smelled worse than a daycare.

Let’s face it… you can wash the couch cover a million times. Unless your a ninja, your not going to get to it – maybe even notice it – before it sinks into the cushion. I could not for the life of me get that smell out of my cushions.

I was convinced I was going to have to either buy new couches or at least invest in a steam cleaner.

But then… God led me to this amazing life hack…. Homemade Pee Cleaner.

They should send every mother home with this recipe. It will save your nose. I’ve included some links to products to help you save time. You don’t have to use these, but if you do I get paid. So, help a sista out!



Mix all of the ingredients into a bowl. Rub mixture onto the affected area and let sit for 30 minutes to an hour. Wipe the surface clean and let dry.  Alternatively, you can mix ingredients into a bowl, wait for the foam to subside and pour into a spray bottle. Voila, you have pee cleaner on hand for any toddler who dares to piss on the couch today, tomorrow, or forever. Unless you run out, in which case you can just make more because it’s sooooo cheap!

Note: You should test mixture on a small area of the surface to ensure it will not harm it. I have not had a problem thus far, but it’s better to be safe than pissed on (or off).

Don't be my toddler. Talk to me. Coherently.

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