Back to Bloggin’

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything… almost two years to be exact


I promise, I’ve been meaning to post. Life just kind of grabbed me by the ovaries (literally). In the time since I’ve been on ‘hiatus’, I gave birth to a 10 lb baby boy (my gordo, Elias) at what seemed to be the end of the hottest summer in Florida ever. It didn’t matter how many times I read my own letter to my pregnant self about “patience”, I still wanted to drive to the E.R. and demand a c-section at least 2 times a day. I was miserable, trust me when I say you did not want that kind of negativity in your life. Holiday cuddle season needs to come with a huge warning label that just says ‘just use protection until April’.

Baby linebacker arrived early September, and between then and now I have been trying to get a handle on taking care of 2 littles without losing my dammmnnn mind. I’m not completely sure I’ve accomplished the latter, but they are both alive, healthy, and beautiful.

The good news is that in these past two years I’ve had lots of great ideas about content for y’all, so you can expect to see alot more from me soon.

Just wanted to update you all… kids went to bed on time today, so you know what that means….


What? It’s only been two years. Can’t expect that much to change!

XO, J’nay

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