Dear Pregnant Me | Advice I Wish I’d Taken During My First Pregnancy

Oldie, but goodie. I only wish that I’d read this again during my second pregnancy.

iMom My A$$ Off

In the spirit of Flashback Friday and 31 Days of Momming My Ass Off, I dug into my google photos to find a pregnancy picture to share. Looking at this, I couldn’t help but think  “there’s a few things that woman there should know”, and so I wrote myself a letter. Here it goes:

Dear pregnant me,

It’s Valentine’s day 2014, the day the doctors said your baby would be born.

You prayed to the heart shaped candy gods that they would be wrong; you didn’t want your daughters birthday overshadowed by a hallmark holiday.

Well, your prayers were answered and now you’re kicking yourself.

You would give anything, and everything for her to just be out and be here already. You’re tired, you’re swollen, you don’t feel sexy, your body doesn’t feel like yours anymore. You ask your (future) husband if he’s wearing his contacts every time he tells you how…

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