Wtf does that mean?

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The reason I MMAO

The definition of mom according to Merriam-Webster,  is “one’s mother“,  which is defined further as ” female parent”. All that we are and everything that we do and we get a whopping 3 word definition.  How about “awesome fucking superhuman parent with an infinite amount of capabilities“? The word mom isn’t even listed as a verb *insert wtf face here*.

Sorry, Merriam-Webster, but it is 2015 and I mom my ass off.

What does it mean to mom your ass off?

It means creating a life. It means mastering the arts of life hacking and multitasking . It means taking on a million different job titles – chef, maid, teacher, nurse, hair-dresser, counselor, security guard, milk machine,  ATM, mind-reader,  shall I go on? It means smiling on days when you literally get shit on. It means somehow managing to look presentable and tolerate other humans, despite being sleep deprived and maybe even missing a shower.  It means not having a minute to yourself most days, yet miraculously maintaining your sanity. It means worrying about things that may not even be humanly possible.  It means going without so that your child doesn’t have to. It means being criticized on your parenting skills every step of the way and not punching any one in the face.

It means investing all that you have –  all of your love, energy, time, and wisdom – into little people.  It means holding on tight as you watch them grow and suddenly having to let them go,  praying that your best was good enough for them to excel in life.

If you are reading this at home while your kid naps (or more realistically, while you hide in the bathroom), then you very well may be mom-ing your ass off too. If this is the case, come back and check in as I blog about my adventures of all things motherhood. Rant and bragging rights reserved.

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