J’nay is a feminist in her twenties. Some time ago, she married a man-child and they created a sweet little baby girl. That baby has now grown into the most adorable little terrorist you’ll ever meet, whose most dangerous weapon is her bright smile and slobbery kisses. J’nay is now a work at home mom. She calls her self an entrepreneur so that she can pretend like her boss is not an 18 month old.

J’nay like’s arts and crafts,  baking, attempting impossible pins,  and shamelessly bitching and bragging about her beautiful family on social media. She is as distracted by her daughters smile as a dog is with a squirrel.  She is also fluent in sarcasm and occasionally likes to write about herself in third person. Though she may have read on the internet that readers respond positively to third person bios.

Recently, she and her man-child have taken over the roles of Guardian for her 15 year old sister  because the terror-tot wasn’t a big enough challenge.  Being the over-achiever that she is, J’nay then decided to add blogging to her plate.  Because, well, somebody has to hear this sh*t.

Follow her crazy life as she blogs about her family, finds time to do the things she loves, and introduces her toddler to home-schooling.

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