As for catchy first lines, I’ve got shit. I’ll tell you what I do have though: 25 years of fluency in sarcasm, 3 years experience as a secratary maid wife, 2 terror-tots children under 4, and a cat I that’s cool sometimes.

I call myself an entrepreneur because I don’t like to admit that my bosses are less than 3 feet tall; also because I’m pretty nifty with a camera, and even more so with a computer.

When I’m not working I love to bitch and brag about my beautiful family on social media, drink wine, and watch Insecure. I also love to pin shit I think I might get around to someday.

If you’re sensitive to swearing, this is not the place to be folks. If you’re a self proclaimed bad mom like myself,  looking for a sliver of sanity in the beautiful shit storm we call mother hood, you might find some solstice here. At the very least you’ll get a kick out of me bustin’ my ass as I mom my ass off.