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#NailedIt: How to fix Oeey, Gooey, Sticky Slime

Originally, this was supposed to be a cute little "how to make slime" post. It was going to be "pinterest perfect" with a cute little video featuring my sassy daughter. Oh, I had it all planned out, but does anything ever go as planned? It doesn't in my crazy life, I'll tell you that much.… Continue reading #NailedIt: How to fix Oeey, Gooey, Sticky Slime

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TutuTorials: 7 Tutorials on How to Make a Tutu

Halloween is just over 2 weeks away and if you're anything like me you don't quite have your kids costume picked out yet. If you're even more like me, you also don't want to spend $20-$50 on a costume your kid will wear once, only to match at least 30 of the other kids roaming… Continue reading TutuTorials: 7 Tutorials on How to Make a Tutu

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Minnie Mouse Chalkboard | DIY Inspiration

Ok so I haven't been posting every day for the first week or so of 31 days. What's that meme? Sorry I've been being a bad friend, I've been busy being an amazing mom? Maybe not amazing, but my kids are alive. That's the end goal right? This week I've been doing a lot of… Continue reading Minnie Mouse Chalkboard | DIY Inspiration